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You Benefit. Your Professional Community Benefits.

An Employer puts up a Bounty for a Job Vacancy
The Community forwards and nominates the ideal candidate
The ideal candidate is hired and the referral chain shares in the Bounty.

For Employers

  1. Put Up A Bounty
    Set an amount you're willing to pay and pick Advocates (who are industry professionals) to help you fill it.
  2. Pick The Ideal Candidate
    Choose one of the great candidates endorsed by the community.
  3. Pay On Hire
    No on-going fees. Just pay when you find the right person.

For Professionals

  1. Sign-up And Refer Others
    Forward jobs to people in your network who might be interested.
  2. Stand Out From The Rest
    Use your online footprint to create a compelling work profile.
  3. Get Paid
    Whether you get hired or someone you referred gets hired, you share in the Bounty.