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Brett - Photo In Hot Air Ballon

Brett Krieger

Under 13 Aussie Rules Team Manager

When not working on new ventures, Brett likes to run along the Yarra between the boathouses on frosty mornings, sleep in (also preferably on frosty mornings) or take it easy with the family. Brett enjoys going to the football to watch his team (Collingwood), where sometimes he takes it all a bit too seriously. He’s also Team Manager for his son’s U13 footy team where the canteen makes a great lentil soup and the parents take the game much less seriously than the kids.

You can sometimes find Brett at Social Melbourne at 8am on a Friday morning or less frequently at Silicon Beach drinks. During lunchtime you will often find Jason, Alan and Brett walking around the city or at Vic. Market getting a sausage with mustard. During these walks, you might hear them discussing how Google+ will impact the market positions of Facebook and Twitter or simply overhear Alan and Jason laughing at Brett’s lack of the latest Apple products.

Until recently, Brett was an avid newspaper reader but these days he thinks they have too many polls and opinions (mostly from people he doesn’t much care for) and not enough actual news. If you walk past our office at 7pm you may hear Brett making a telling point about the underinvestment in Public Education in this country or Alan accusing Brett of having views more appropriate to a member of a European Socialist Party than from someone running a business.

Sean Boyle

Sean Boyle

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new - Albert Einstein

Sean thinks it is coolest thing; to be part of a start-up trying to revolutionise the way employers connect with and hire the best people, we call it ‘Social Hiring’.

How did he end up here?

Of the thousands of chance events and turning points that shaped his life, some of the most influential were those that steered him to a career in software.

Sean is from generation that remembers the world before personal computers (yes that old), when the computers you could get access to resembled refrigerators and were amusingly called ‘minis’ (PDP-11, VAX or PRIME).

He bought his first computer in 1980 and taught himself to program; this only came about by chance.

At the end of the 1970’s your choice of personal computers was pretty limited (Apple II, TRS-80, Commodore PET, Atari 400/800) and expensive for a high school student earning $3 an hour in part-time work. This is where luck stepped in…he entered a competition sponsored by game console maker Atari who were launching their first home computer. Sean won second prize and $500 - which he put it towards buying an Atari 400. It turned out he liked programming.

These days Sean doesn’t code, instead he enjoys working as a Software Project Manager and Agile Coach, although he prefers the title Project Coach.

Sean loves to cook Thai food using authentic ingredients including home grown chillis and herbs (no jar pastes allowed!) whilst listening to classic electronica and experimentia (Kraftwerk, Eno, Aphex Twin, Vladislav Delay).

Jason Nah

Jason Nah

Coding For Good

There’s not much to say about Jason. He’s a quiet guy who likes interesting business and technical problems. Jason started out programming as a teenager back in the hay days of using BASIC on an Apple IIe. Those that know the language well will remember the following:

20 GOTO 10

These days, Jason can be found to be actively involved in a local Bible-Presbyterian church (Bethel) were he helps in the Youth and Choir ministries.

When not hacking away on Ruby projects, Jason’s kept busy with his talkative 2 year-old daughter Abigail, who has grown up ever so quickly. She can usually be found scaling the heights of the dining table, or making up tunes using random babblings, words and sound effects.

Beyond family life, Jason loves great food, great coffee and as it would seem, the majority of iApple products.

Alan Skorkin

Alan Skorkin

Furry Rabbits Are Furry

Lorem ipsum dolor sit met - that’s as good a description of Alan as any. Seriously though, after having his application to join the Legion of Doom rejected for being “overqualified”, Alan had to find a fallback career - software development was it and here we are today.

Even more seriously, having worked as a software guy in the enterprise world for a while, Alan realised that his dreams of world domination would take too long to fulfil through the corporate path and decided to give the startup path a go. Luckily Brett and Jason came along at that point and recruited Alan into their own little band of super-villains.

Even more seriously still, on the interwebs Alan is usually known as “Skorks”, you can find him on Twitter or Google+ - he also occasionally writes about software development and other random junk on his appropriately named blog. Surprisingly, Alan also has a meatspace life full of long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners or something along those lines anyway - even super-villains gotta chill once in a while.

If you really want to know more, he has a great about page on the aforementioned blog which took him ages to write so you’re welcome to go and read that.